Coalition of dialysis patients, doctors and providers condemns yet another harmful ballot measure filed by United Healthcare Workers West (UHW)

October 24, 2019

UHW has a long history of using shakedown ballot measures to extort political demands

Sacramento – A coalition representing dialysis patients, doctors and dialysis providers today condemned the new ballot measure filed by the SEIU-United Healthcare Workers West (UHW) union targeting dialysis providers and aimed for the November 2020 California statewide ballot.

“It’s shameful that UHW is pushing yet another ballot measure that could put dialysis patients’ access to their life-saving care at risk,” said Kathy Fairbanks, spokeswoman for Dialysis is Life Support, a coalition of patients, doctors and dialysis providers and others. “Less than a year ago, Californians voted to protect vulnerable dialysis patients when they overwhelmingly rejected UHWs dangerous Proposition 8.”

While the coalition is reviewing details of the proposal, it criticized UHW’s repeated abuse of the ballot measure process – with measures that hurt patients and UHW’s own members’ interests – as a means of pushing its organizing agenda. This November 2020 initiative shakedown is a continuation of UHW’s broader corporate union organizing campaign against hospitals and dialysis providers.

This is the second statewide ballot measure that UHW has filed in as many years targeting dialysis providers for political reasons. Voters rejected the UHW-bankrolled Proposition 8 on the November 2018 by 20 points when it became clear the measure would have forced dialysis clinic closures, limited dialysis patients access to care, and risked dialysis patients’ lives.

Since 2012, UHW has wasted $52 million of its members’ dues money funding more than two dozen failed state and local ballot initiatives targeting these industries and their patients –essentially wasting $530 per UHW member on this failed strategy. 

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